Commercial Services

PPLLC is a privately owned company with facilities in the United States. PPLLC offers a full range of polymer services developed over many years. The core services include custom compounding, solid state polymerization, recycled material processing, and melt plant resin development.

Our tolling services allow customers to take advantage of our extensive expertise processing custom thermoplastics. Our available services include:

Primary Services

  • Custom Compounding
  • Solid State Polymerization

Additional Services

  • Crystallization
  • Drying
  • Pelletizing
  • Blending
  • Product Classification (sizing)
  • Dedusting
  • Repackaging
  • Warehousing

Specialized Service

  • Small scale solid phasing
  • Small scale batch melt polymerization
  • Product development and engineering service
  • Analytical and physical testing services
  • Lab scale pelletization services

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PPLLC is a leading
thermoplastic solutions provider

PPLLC provides recycling solutions for post consumer and post industrial resins, including PET. Single screw extrusion technology is used to melt, process, and filter recycled flake into pellets. PPLLC's capabilities include drying, extruding, and underwater pelletizing flake to provide a pellet feedstock for further processing. PPLLC routinely increases the IV of recycled polyesters and nylons for specialty applications.

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