Toll Compounding

PET Processors (PPLLC) is ready to meet your most demanding toll compounding requirements with its robust twin-screw technology. PPLLC operates 40mm, 50mm, and 92mm lines. Our Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK 92mm extruder is equipped with the following:

  • 500hp drive motor
  • Co-rotating intermeshing twin-screws ideal for high concentration masterbatch
  • Una-Dyn two-stage PET drying system
  • K-Tron, Brabender, and Acrison feeder systems
  • Multiple ports including 2 vacuum and 2 liquid injection
  • 8 barrel sections (L/D = 36.5/1)
  • 12 barrel sections for reactive extrusion (L/D = 54/1)
  • 2 Gneus continuous screen changers for ultra-fine melt filtration
  • Dynisco gear pump
  • Strand and underwater cut capability
  • Beringer water stripper
  • Witte classifier
  • Post-blending silos with nitrogen pack-out system for oxygen scavenger products

Additional services and capabilities include:

  • Drying, crystallizing, solid state polymerization
  • Nitrogen purging and packaging systems
  • Magnetic flux dust removal systems
  • Bulk tanker truck and railcar loading and unloading systems
  • Flexible, attentive and responsive QA and technical support
  • Full confidentiality ISO 9001:2015 certified

Think of PPLLC for toll compounding and new product development.

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PPLLC is a leading
thermoplastic solutions provider

PPLLC provides recycling solutions for post consumer and post industrial resins, including PET. Single screw extrusion technology is used to melt, process, and filter recycled flake into pellets. PPLLC's capabilities include drying, extruding, and underwater pelletizing flake to provide a pellet feedstock for further processing. PPLLC routinely increases the IV of recycled polyesters and nylons for specialty applications.

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