Quality Assurance

Our Commitment

“PPLLC is committed through continuous improvement to providing quality, specialty solutions which meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.”

PET Processors, L.L.C. (PPLLC) is committed to providing quality processing of your products. We accomplish this by training our people to:

  • Inspect quality characteristics of the incoming product
  • Handle products suitably to prevent contamination
  • Properly operate equipment and instruments
  • Use appropriate quality tests to monitor and control the process
  • Keep detailed quality and processing records
  • Package and store the product per customer specifications

Quality Assurance Process

The following is a general description of our process for assuring quality:

  1. The first step is to understand our customer’s needs so we can develop a process that achieves the customer’s quality and productivity goals. We do this through a Processing Proposal Survey in which the customer defines the characteristics of the product and the expectations of the processing.
  2. Next, Quality Planning is done during the Technical Review process. This defines the critical steps in the process and the actions to be taken to monitor and control process parameters so quality objectives can be met. The end result of the quality planning step is an internal Product Specification. The Product Specification is unique to each product and contains all the critical information needed to process that product (processing conditions, product sampling and testing, packaging and labeling, etc.)
  3. Initial product processing (a trial batch) is done to verify the proposed conditions and quality output. This information is used to provide feedback for process improvement. Once a stable process is achieved and the results approved by the customer, production processing can begin.
  4. Production processing uses the conditions established in the Product Specification as the basis for all further processing. Proposed processing changes can be made only by review and agreement of the customer.
  5. Quality data reporting includes a Certificate of Analysis (for test data), inventory data, production data, etc.

Quality Tests

  • Commonly used quality tests include:
  • Melt viscosity
  • Color analysis
  • Particle size determination (includes dust and fines analysis)
  • Moisture level Contamination DSC testing
  • Solution viscosity testing

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PPLLC provides recycling solutions for post consumer and post industrial resins, including PET. Single screw extrusion technology is used to melt, process, and filter recycled flake into pellets. PPLLC's capabilities include drying, extruding, and underwater pelletizing flake to provide a pellet feedstock for further processing. PPLLC routinely increases the IV of recycled polyesters and nylons for specialty applications.

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