Specialized Services

Small Batch Polymerization

Specialized Services Small Batch Polymerization PET Processors (PPLLC) provides a unique combination of development services to the polyester industry.

Trial Size Rotary Vacuum Dryers

1) Ten cubic foot operating capacity capable of 50 to 500 pound batch weights

2) Three cubic foot operating capacity capable of 20 to 100 pound batch weights

Larger amounts can be processed in commercial equipment:

  • Processing to 250º C
  • Computerized tracking and monitoring of all process conditions
  • Vacuum conditions guaranteed to less than 0.5 torr
  • Custom sampling and testing techniques to control process
  • Processing summaries and reports provided with each batch or campaign

Product Development Services

  • Project management and equipment procurement relating to the commercialization of polyester melt phase or solid phase processing
  • Complete analytical and physical testing of polymers

Material Handling

  • Pelletron small scale electromagnetic flux elutriation system capable of dedusting trial batches of 200 to 15,000 pounds per day

Minimelt Polymerization Plant

  • Batch polymerization unit capable of producing all polycondensation polymers
  • Unique industry size producing 80 pounds of commercial grade pellets
  • Facility separate and accessible allowing for customer interaction and participation
  • Solid stated or amorphous pellets available

Lab Scale Extrusion Services

  • Custom pelletization and compounding

Testing Equipment to Compliment Services

  • DSC
  • Moisture testing
  • Melt rheology
  • Dust analysis
  • Solution testing
  • Density measurement

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PPLLC is a leading
thermoplastic solutions provider

PPLLC provides recycling solutions for post consumer and post industrial resins, including PET. Single screw extrusion technology is used to melt, process, and filter recycled flake into pellets. PPLLC's capabilities include drying, extruding, and underwater pelletizing flake to provide a pellet feedstock for further processing. PPLLC routinely increases the IV of recycled polyesters and nylons for specialty applications.

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